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I cannot seem to find a way to see what the port number is fro my remote receiver so let me move on. I have followed the OTSAV with shoutcast tutorial to the letter but how does it work from here? According to the tutorial below it would seem that I am now connected to Shoucast's server? If so, can anyone tell me what's my next steps please to start broadcasting? Would I first need to sign up for any particular plan from SHoutcast and what would I need to do to have my interested listeners start tuning into my station?

You are able to configure OtsAV to spawn the SHOUTcast plug-in from startup. This feature coupled with the SHOUTcast plug-in Connect at Startup feature, enables instant broadcasting to a SHOUTcast server from application start up. This is a great feature for the internet broadcaster who uses OtsAV as a dedicated broadcasting tool.

To enable spawn from startup go to Options -> SHOUTcast -> and enable the Spawn at Program Startup option.

To enable the SHOUTcast Source Connect at Startup feature, go to Options -> SHOUTcast -> and select SHOUTcast enabled. This will open the SHOUTcast Source dialog box.

In the Output tab select the Connect at Startup option.

Tip: If you place your OtsAV icon in the Windows Startup menu, and configure the spawn the SHOUTcast plug-in feature, when your system goes down and restarts, OtsAV will startup and begin broadcasting automatically.
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