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What I am being told is:

Your bandwidth with a MP3 stream of 128Kbps will be about 6 x 128 Kbps => 768 Kbps (=> 1 Mb)
So you need a upload speed of minimum of about 1 Mb.

With Edcast you can stream in AAC+. The advantage is that a AAC+ stream of 64 Kbps sounds the same (in quality) as a 128 Kbps MP3 stream.

Also you need to install the Shoutcast Server on your system.
At last your listeners need to connect to your server, so best is a fixed IP address (with many ISP's you get a different IP address everytime you connect to the internet)
Better check first with your internet provider, because there are ways to overcome this issue.

Last, but very important, you need to configure your internet router (NAT routing table).

There is a lot of networking configuration to do, if you run your own Streaming Audio Server.

It is certainly not for the 'normal man' to install all this. (With all respect)

So maybe I should go try live365 as that would cover the legal issues plus I won't have to deal with all of this setup technical stuff but I really appreciate your help!
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