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the Source DSP can do AAC as long as it has the correct encoders to use. you're trying to re-use something in the 3rd party plug-in so is not a surprise it's not an option (you'd need to check the encoder options in the old version of the plug-in you're using).

to a lot of people it's not 'simple' to setup as that's just the nature of networking at times and is why most people use a hosting provider and they then just have to connect to the DNAS server or make use of an 'autodj' which means you don't have to keep your own machine running to keep the stream alive.

there are countless SHOUTcast hosts but i cannot recommend one or the other as they often provide different feature sets, prices, royalty handling, etc. at the end of it, it's your stream so you need to go with what you think is best for you.
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