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Originally Posted by MrSinatra View Post
i'm curious as to why you do this...? is it b/c you want just one column for ratings regardless of the file type?

does it translate everything to a 1-5 star scale? or does it show real strings?

just clarifying: you use 1-5 as your input value for mp3tag, but under the hood its writing POPM values 1-255, right?
Yes, that's why. The Mp3tag documentation seems to imply that is the reason mapping is used.

In the GUI, only what I enter is displayed in the column defined as %popularimeter%. Any translation is hidden. I see the actual strings not in Mp3tag, but with Exiftool.

As an example, I entered 60 for a FLAC and M4A file and 3 for a MP3 and WMA file;
in the files I saw this:
FLAC...Rating : 60
M4A......Rating Percent : 60
MP3......Popularimeter : Rating=128 Count=0
WMA.....Shared User Rating : 50

Winamp translates all those values to 3 stars.
If I start in Winamp and rate all files with 3 stars, the above values (60 or 3) are displayed in Mp3tag.
And this works for all 5 Winamp rating levels.

As I mentioned, the trick when applying ratings in Mp3tag with my mapping is to use 1-5 for MP3 or WMA and 20, 40, 60, 80, 100 for FLAC and M4A.
As long as I have figured out the correct mapping between Winamp and Mp3tag, I don't worry about what is written "under the hood". (Those days are over, for me.)
But yes, Mp3tag writes the POPM values on a 1-255 scale.

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