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Originally Posted by No One View Post
And since, mp3tag does not provide direct access to Vorbis tags, I can only assume that you can't transfer a rating from mp3tag to WinAmp... unless you can automatically transfer the RATINGS WINAMP value to the RATINGS string within WinAmp. Can you?
No, but you can in Mp3tag.

Hopefully, you've read the information provided by MrSinatra in post #16 and realize that MP3 files use ID3 tags and FLAC files use Vorbis Comment tags.
Other file types use different tag systems.

For MP3 files, both Winamp and Mp3tag read and write ID3 tags, but neither use the ID3 specification field names in their GUI's. Few, if any, apps do.
For example, "Popularimeter" is defined by the ID3 tag specification to store ratings. When written to the file its "frame ID" is POPM.
In Winamp it is called "Rating" and in Mp3tag it is called "Rating Winamp".

If you rate a MP3 track using a Mp3tag column defined by %Rating Winamp%, the rating will be written to the ID3 POPM frame where Winamp expects it.
But it won't be written in the same form as it was entered.
Instead, it is translated by Mp3tag into the correct format as specified by the ID3 specification, using the scale that Winamp expects (1-255).

If you rate a FLAC track using a Mp3tag column defined by %Rating Winamp%, it will be written as a Vorbis Comment tag.
Vorbis Comments have a much looser specification and allow users to create just about any tag field.
If you enter "3", Mp3tag writes the Vorbis Comment without any translation: "Rating Winamp=3", which is a perfectly valid and proper Vorbis Comment.
However, it's useless in Winamp, even though it is displayed in "File Info".
In order to assign a 3 star rating, Winamp needs to see "Rating=3". (or Rating=60, but that's another can of worms. see warning below.)

There are 2 ways to create the "Winamp acceptable" Vorbis Comment when using Mp3tag:
  1. Create another column defined as %rating% and use it to rate FLAC files.
  2. Map RATING to RATING WINAMP for Vorbis Comment tags and continue to use the %Rating Winamp% column for both file types.
In the Mapping dialogue:
Tag -> VorbisComment
Source -> RATING
btw, the mapping I explained in Post #17 also works.
Here's a word of warning about rating FLAC files outside of Winamp:
Although Winamp writes one scale (20,40,60,80,100), it reads 2 scales: Rating = 1 or 20 gives 1 star, Rating = 2 or 20 gives 2 stars etc.
(for some light entertainment, or as an aid to falling asleep, see this thread for more information)

If you plan to rate FLAC tracks in both applications, I suggest you use only 20, 40, 60, 80 or 100 as values in Mp3tag.
If you use the 1-5 scale in Mp3tag, the tracks will not be using a scale in common with the one written by Winamp.
And just to be clear, this is for FLAC tracks only; always use 1-5 for MP3 tracks.

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