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Time Restore & Autoplay v2.05a
  • Added in a workaround to allow wma files to be restored (since changes to in_wm altered seeking support when a wma file is started to be played)
  • The wma hack uses a 250ms delay, if this is/isn't enough then add wma_hack=xxx to the [Time Restore & AutoPlay] section of your winamp.ini (wma_hack=100 works well for me so i don't experience a slight glitch as the file playback starts before the file can be seeked through)
get v2.05a

Well this works fine on two different machines and winamp setups so hopefully this is the wma issue resolved. I know someone else was having a similar issue but i wasn't able to look into it at the time and i can't find/remember who it was off hand. Hopefully the default delay i've added will work reliably enough, if not the wma_hack=xxx option should be enough to not have me do another build, heh

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