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i've just tried the stream with Winamp as the input and it plays but it's buffering horribly (get maybe a second or two of audio and then it has to buffer for around 3 seconds). so that points at the AAC encoder working ok (the buffering points at an issue / limitation with where you're hosting as no way can this connection cope with 32 listeners).

with the soundcard input, is it mono or stereo you've selected e.g. would shows as 44100 Hz, Stereo or 22050 Hz, Mono for example?

as for the VU meters, i wouldn't rely on them, they just respond to any sort of data being received from the selected source rather than implying that everything is ok.

ok, one more thing and then i'm about done for the night. on the Output -> Encoder tab, enable the option in the 'Save Encoded Output' and make sure that you set a location for the file which is valid before doing that. then once you've had it streaming for ~30 seconds with the soundcard input selected, playback the file in Winamp or something which can play raw aac files and see if that is garbage. if it is then it is pointing the finger at the capture device than the plug-in.

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