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The bug of S_FALSE and AUDCLNT_E_UNSUPPORTED_FORMAT maybe a barrier to me.

Iam using Windows 10 and an USB Sound Card. I was using Maiko WASAPI since Windows 8.1, it works well until Windows 10. Sound sometimes freezes and the only way to get it back is unplug the USB cable then plug it again. It happens every 1 or 2 hours.

I see that your plugin works better to me. Of course Exclusive settings are poor (compair to Maiko's), but I always use Shared Mode so your plugin is almost perfect without the bug above.

What gonna happen if I have a lot of songs with various bitrate? I believe that almost people in here, who using your plugin do have.

And when I was deep in a sweet melody, the error popup appears interrupting my moment, I have to close error reporting windows, go to sound settings -> device settings -> change my default format -> open Winamp again -> choose next song??? And if I was lucky, I will remember to change it again before next song plays, cause next song is stored at another sampling. Bad story.

I know it is not a bug, it's what you called "by design" but I did not see any output methods requires me to change sound sampling matching song's sampling. You should have better solution for this.
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