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Typically yes, a standalone projector will be able to handle the streams. What I've found out of a pretty big sampling of shoutcast streams though is that they're coming in a little strange, so Flash can't play them.

If I use the flash method:

my_sound.loadSound("yourIP",true) that'll try and load the stream. In the next frame, I can have a watcher that'll report the data being loaded. For Shoutcast streams, the result of getBytesTotal() should be -1. I've been seeing anything but that. In ever case where it does return -1, I get audio playback.

So you're a little hit and miss with it.

NOTE: standalone projectors can play the audio, but most of the executables you get with SWF-2-EXE programs, SWF Studio, Jugglor, FSP won't play audio with streams.
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