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Here's the concept fo the player I'm working on (about 80% done btw):

The player can load and play back these formats:
1) mp3s or other audio converted to SWF (Swift-MP3 SwiftPeg, etc with spectrum bars, etc)

2) mp3s (no visualization - flash doesn't get spectrum values)

3) mp3s streamed to SWF in realtime (OLD Swift-MP3 component, or the one we're working on now)

4) shoutcast/Live365 streams

For formats 1-3, the playlist is loaded as an XML file from any source - static or dynamically generated from a DB with a server side script.

the xml file would contain a fair amount of data - album image link, buy link, vote link, etc. the playe rskin can display as much or as little of the data as the designer wants to. The voting pages would be externally launched, html based windows that would use IP filtering and cookies to track the votes.

For the shoutcast format, it would pull in and parse the pls file with xml.load (it does work!) and then use the code from that link I posted. Now since it's pulling in a pls file, you wouldn't have any voting links - so you'd be kinda screwed there.

So far, I've got the DB designed, the voting scripts almost done, and the player engine complete. I'm revamping the player code to use _global functions and variables for easier implementation in other flash movies.

We're also working on an app that'll convert about 10 different audio formats to SWF and allow tag edit, and spectrum/wave form values. Once everything's converted, it'll generate the xml playlist and allow you to FTP all the converted files with a player skin of choice to your site.

This is a fairly large project, so it won't be open source.
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