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Originally posted by Dawg4Life2K1
Scientists aren't aborting fetuses to get to the stem cells. Would-be mothers are choosing to abort fetuses for whatever reasons they may have. Researchers are merely salvaging what has already been done, regardless of whether abortion is right or wrong. Would you rather have the remains simply discarded when they could possibly save someone else's life?
CaboWabo would rather "save" some rotting dead fetus than SAVE another that sounds morally just.

@CaboWabo....actually the "fetus" (if you would like to call it that) is not distinct until it reaches a cluster of 32-50 cells. STEM CELLS are the cells up to this point basically.

And dont use words like "only" and "rational", it is a horrible arguement when you have to use words like these. Absolutes have no place in arguements.

Now would you consider the "fetus" a fetus instantly at conception, or would you give it the few hours a sperm needs to disolve and let its DNA mix with the cell? OR would it be after the first meiosis, where the cells start forming with both sets of DNA?
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