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Beginner? Excellent, I'll go harsh.

Small pack, so I'll go really really in-depth.



Stray buffer save. Useless last effect list [no input!]

Human Mind:
Oof, lots of nonsense.
Unused alpha in superscope, red/blue/green in per Frame...
Another useless water effect list...
It appears that you forgot to blend the last DM, with the alpha and all, and there seems to be a lot of nonsense in it... It's really haphazard to write a 3D DM the way you would an SSC. It... doesn't turn out well.

Inside the Jelly:
Don't need that first Clear Screen.
x=acos(-1)*2 <-- That's a constant, and you're certainly not using rect coords... (1st DM)
Lots of things that looked a bit like you're punching in random numbers.

Molecules Dividing:
Iffy superscopes again, with the alpha and such.
Did you forget the blend on the DMs? Some of the parts also look close to nonsense...

Oof, forgot to blend away the ugly stuff - at least, not properly.
The 2nd DM has tons of nonsense. The 2nd last assignment of y [y=(y1*t-oy)*acos(ox);] is useless.
You also don't need smooth transition on the mirror if it's not going to change OnBeat


Everything else: (aesthetics, suggestions)

Pretty up the colors a bit, a little dull. A unique tone set to additive to the end seems to do the job well, a color map also works.
Last effect list -- Change the input to 50/50.
A mirror in the right place can fix up the ugly tiling problem, don't forget to enable wrap on the 2nd DM.

Human Mind:
Blech... Can't say much about this one, but do handle the DMs a bit better...
Fix up the superscopes, they want you to. (especially since they're recycled often...)

Inside the Jelly:
Actually looks almost good. Needs a bit of fixing in coloring (sometimes dull, but the convolution is a nice touch) and blending (Make the tiled image only blended in where the dark space in the 3D DM is blended in), but otherwise, looks pretty good. Try to fix up the tiling breaks in the 3D DM (mirror, etc)

Molecules Dividing:
Consider enabling the blend on one or more of the DMs (particularly the 1st and 3rd ones).
Color needs help, definitely, don't just vie for random ones.
Blur seems useless, you may want to figure out how it can actually take effect.

Fix up the colors just a bit, there's a nice theme there.
Fix the blends, the odd nonsense at the end makes the formula for alpha irrelevant to what's actually there.
The convolution can be fixed a bit to make actual blurring.

[soon to leave, sirs]
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