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I'm new to this forum and more or less new to Shoutcast and
I'm in the process of setting-up a station for my adopted daughter from Russia.
I started reading this thread tonight and the more my blood went techno and trance on me especially when I'm doing something postive for my daughter because she's such a great kid and never causes any problems.
Our station will be for fun only...NOT for this kid can keep in touch with her friends in Russia with their love of techno and trance music, and let them be DJ's also.
That says a lot for kids in a country that most have nothing in life but friends and family.
My personal thoughts on the huge increase in fees makes me believe that some pompass rich A***H*** has figured out a way to grease his pocketbooks even more in the internet and thats with net radio.
I don't mind paying maybe a small fee like a buisness license, and I do agree the many talent music artist should be compensated for their artistic abilities and hard work, but not the people that's trying to bleed us little men dry.
On our last trip to Russia we visited a net station in my daughter's home city and it was exciting for both of us to see how much fun it was for the kids doing the DJ thingy.
We laughed tonight when we discussed the music and copy rights and how those guys had no clue as to what a copy right was...they were just having fun playing their music to listeners and had no sponsorship.
We were walking down a side walk in Moscow and passed a vendor that had just about any music cd you wanted...pirated or copied, $5.00 each.
I know my congressman personally and will contact him at home tomorrow and discuss this issue with him and I'll also offer my support to this fine group here.
My daughter and I both are sitting here tonight listening to the fine techno trance stations on Shoutcast....thank you guys and girls for the great job you're doing in the internet...I think my daughter's and my love of music would be boring without you fine people and your radio stations.
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