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Whiplash - I'm going to Re-bring up this old subject. It seems to be something that's a very desired feature. I have looked at the two plugins (Wombatshare and Hydra) and neither are in any stage of development anymore.

The most reasonable solution (and I CAN'T believe this hasn't been implemented yet) would be to allow the user to change the location of the ML database to a network location that all computers could point at. This would be advantageous for a number of reasons in addition to allowing computers to share the ML.

Needless to say, for the meantime, the lack of this feature alone has driven me to use a different player because it is silly for me to waste my time creating a well organized music library that I have to manually import onto all computers on my network every time something changes. Every other major media player out there can do this, Windows MP, iTunes, MediaMonkey, etc. Come on, if friggin iTunes can do it, Winamp should have had it years ago.

PLEASE just make it a setting in the winamp.ini file instead of hard coding it into the compiled version of the program.
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