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This new 2.0 version is working based on the assume that socket function is turned on. You relayed on this assume allredy in version 1.1.

I'm upgrading my mx_shotcast module version so that will use your class too but will continue to work for users with socked function disabled, I need the old method for other blocks like the front block were a user can see who is listening from that site beafore he click on listen link.

In case that socket functions are disabled or the server version does not have a index.html file, important vars like $mimetype will be defined from AdminCP -> config database table. I have some users who are using this module with IceCast servers and if I only use your class will never work for them, and I whan't to contiue support them.

What is that ini_set() in your class? It's to hard to define two vars $errno and $errstr? You should not use them anyway couse they are optional and only for debuging wich you try so hard to turn off in this class. Plus you should add "@" before socket functions @fsockopen(), @fputs and @fclose() this will supress any other posible error messages and you can output an nice error in other place.
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