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Thanks, Neil, for the prompt reply.

Hopefully, this is an OK place to ask another question. What about relaying with sc_trans? On we are running big streaming concerts with people from all over the world taking 1/2 to 1 hour sets. We give each one their own shoutcast server port/password pair so they can learn how to connect and how to get the level right for their sets. Then, when their time comes, we restart the main sc_serv server and have it relay their server. This has many problems associated with restarting the sc_serv process. (We just send a signal to it to reread the config file, but is is very slow as there is much dead air.

It would be great if sc_trans could relay an sc_serv that is already running. We need the multiple rates and the gain control is very valuable.

Is relaying on the plan? Is there another solution that we should be considering?

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