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ok 2 quick questions to start with but i'm sure i'll be back lol..


Does the calendar.xml have to be an xml? I mean, can I dynamically generate xml through php / mysql and use calendar.php in the conf? The file will look the same when being read, just it'll have a different extention.


How are the DJ's added in the testgui? I mean, it adds them fine, and even shows that it's added one in the consol, but I checked the conf to see if it was there and it wasn't!!!
Is there anyway to say have an include statement in the conf pointing another file with the dj's listed, this would again be php / mysql generated.

Any help would be great as I'm attempting to write a php / mysql / with a bit of C gui for sc_trans2, which I'll be posting the source for others once it's finished
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