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Any chance you can document that setup you have? much appreciation!

Works on old sc server great.
[SWF] /TranscoderProto.swf - 25,356 bytes after decompression
[SWF] /Proto.swf - 30,019 bytes after decompression
[SWF] /CodecPack.swf - 31,902 bytes after decompression
Play stream type: Shoutcast Stream uri:
[SWF] /Shoutcast.swf - 59,394 bytes after decompression
Provider Loaded
onChannelReady : MetaData
connectHandler: [Event type="connect" bubbles=false cancelable=false eventPhase=2]
onChannelReady : MP3
Metadata :
audiocodecid : 2
genre : Video Game Music
url : **************
audiocodec : MP3
name :************

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