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A year or two back there was a problem with the podcast xml files. feeds.xml and rss.xml (in the %appdata%\winamp\ml\ folder). These used to get corrupted on odd occasions and needed replacing from backups. That bug was fixed in one of the newer releases.

That would cause the databases to corrupt. I doubt this is related though...


Just fired up Winamp. It downloaded a new podcast. And no freeze at all. So the freeze and corrupted GUI does not happen to me every time.

I have just scrubbed my PC clean of about a ton of dust and muck. Full internal strip down, fan clean, muck removal. Will bring my temps back down again. Doubt this is related.


What COULD be related is something I have been thrashing around in a different thread about. amillionbytes and I have been chasing an odd bug he was getting when ripping tracks on his Win7 PC. ( )

After a lot of experiment on his side, it looks like his "skipping rips" was traced to Windows 7 and the way it wants to keep cataloguing music tracks in the My Music folder so it can advertise these on the network using DNLA.

I wonder if this is a similar problem for you? Change the location your podcasts are downloaded to. Make is something away from the standard user folders. For example, make a fresh folder for testing and call it c:\podtest\ and download some podcasts to that location instead.

(Once downloaded, you can always move them into your Windows Music folder and add them back to Winamp's library)

I am wondering if you are seeing the same issue.... yeah, it is a long shot, but I am now curious.
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