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Ok, I've made a Process Monitor log starting from a normal situation (downloading updated Pod-casts at normal CPU load up to the end of the download when CPU jumped to 50%):

nothing strange in it, we can see Comodo accessing the files a few seconds after Winamp accessed/write to them but they never got into conflcts.

Tell Comodo to stop monitoring those Winamp file. Pop the whole %appdata\winamp branch into a comodo exception. I have seen anti-virus programs cause strange interfering problems, and comodo can be a little weird at times.
Only Winamp is having problems on my system, my system runs 24h/24h (it's been 8 days since the last time I had to restart it because of Windows Update) and I'm not gentle with it, I use many complex applications that are much more intensive than Winamp when it comes to file writes without any issues.
Besides only the Podcasts module is having issues, the rest of winamp is working great.

I think it's related to the size of my podcast db: I have 3071 tracks.
maybe it's the database itself that is damaged but if I reset it I lost all PodCasts meta-data (ie: the RSS media library Icon will be empty)

I'm not using the Anti-Virus feature of Comodo, just the Defense+ and the Firewall. I've tried to exclude this folder from the AV but it had no effect and there is no way to exclude files from Defense+.

If the podcast system was broken, a lot more people would be complaining in here. So it will be a combination of issues causing this for you.
I have a lot of subscriptions, it was working great for me too for the past 2 years... until a few months ago!
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