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Originally Posted by Number_1 View Post
New idea:
I´ve tried winamp with another Windows account on my computer and everything is ok there. So I suggest it could be something wrong with my Windows account.
makes it sound like either it is something specific with the OS setup or there is some external program running under that user at the same time which is messing with things. nothing was changed with how the query is taken from the control - the only changes were a fix on the buffer size used for the text pulled and so far it seems to be an isolated issue as i would have expected to see other people reporting such as issue if there was something fundamentally wrong.

i've still not had the time to setup a german specific XP install so i'm still not sure what is going on - though if you're onyl seeing it via a specific account, i don't know if it'd be able to replicate it anyway.

what was the type of the account it fails under?

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