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To the programmer "themes" is still "themes", it is just the labels the user sees that are translated to German. I used to do multi-lingual application programming so was used to these changes.

So maybe there is something else on your PC that is interacting with these themes \ designs that is causing the problem? Especially interesting is that this bug does not happen on your "test" user.

Make CAREFUL use of MSCONFIG to selectively disable items during your startup. Don't just hit that diagnostics mode.

Go into the STARTUP tab and look down the list. Compare this list to the "Test" user you setup that worked. Play a game of "spot the difference".

If you can't see any differences, next check the SERVICES tab. Importantly DON'T mess around with any of the Microsoft Services. (Ideally tick the box at the bottom which will hide the microsoft services from the list - not sure what it says in German, but it is the little tick box at the bottom left of the window)
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