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Bandwidth and limits

Hi All,

I am in the process of setting up my radio and will be launching in a few weeks. I have the base Shoutcast Package which is 128kbs, 500 listeners and 500 gb of bandwidth.

I am a little concerned about the bandwidth limit because I have a feeling that with 500 listeners limit (depending on the success of the station) I will easily exahust it in only few days. I'm sorry if this sound naive, i've never operated a webcast so I have no idea what to expect in term of site usage and the number of listeners.

Although i'll be watching closely the bandwidth but i'm concernd that i have to shut the radio down for days so that I don't go over limit.

I tried to look for the information on the shoutcast site but could not find any and i'm hoping that you could help me.

Are there viable alternatives like buying more bandwidth ?
Anything I can configure or compress without loosing quality?
is ther a way I can limit my listeners let's say to half of what I currently have?
Did you ever faced a situation where you had to take the station offline for a couple of days?

Thank you for your time.
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