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Originally posted by Maduin
get some nice trance and techno music going, fire up a bowl, maybe grab some E and awwwww yeah.
That's exactly what I like to do, although I haven't tried anything beyond weed.

for some reason, Geiss seems as if it's taking you on a journey, while MilkDrop is just fun to look at.
I agree, mostly. With Geiss, there's that absolutely mind-blowing sensation when, at some point, the images stop being just images in a monitor to become a full-blown always-moving ever-changing dreamlike landscape in which you feel completely immersed. You can sense depth (to mention a 'normal' sensation) and other things that can't be well described in words, like seeing the music and 'feeling' what you see (sounds weird, doesn't it?). Just turn off your conciousness for a while, and feel. It's amazing what the right stimulation can produce while stoned.
With MilkDrop I can get that feeling, but it seems different. I have to experiment some more with it. Perhaps it's because it doesn' have (yet?) some of the effects Geiss has, like those activated with a, u or s keys (I don't remember the names, they are inside the geiss.ini file). Those gave the image some more clear relation with the sound, besides greater variation in color.

PS: I want to make clear that I find MilkDrop simply ***awesome***, it's just different to Geiss.
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