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Linux is the main version of the DNAS software used - i don't quite get your comment when i have said that there will "only be Windows, Linux and Raspbian builds" as part of the update which is coming. so that means, Windows builds, Linux builds and Raspbian builds will be released.

it is _only_ Mac OS X and BSD builds which will not be released for the update i am working on since that will add more time to the process in getting a release out when we don't typically test or use those builds (and neither do most people based on usage and download stats). so i am trying to do my best to target the time i have available to provide what is appropriate for the majority of users which is going to be Windows, Linux and Raspbian builds.

and i have not actioned anything with the most recent pm message you sent from the weekend since i'm doing what i can to get a working build of the DNAS for not only you but everyone else to be able to use. i appreciate that your users are very angry and that it is super urgent, but the same is the case for others and so it is better i spend the time over the next day or two to finish off and release something so everyone benefits (and that's now 15mins i've lost on doing the update in having to reply to this and other requests for updates).
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