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Originally Posted by Aminifu View Post
Hi ChiggyChiggy,

I'm able to duplicate this issue when I use the "Paste Artwork" button to get an image from the Windows clipboard. It shows up in the dialog, but is never saved in the file (even when I use the "Paste" button on the right side). But the "Paste Artwork" button is not supported by thinktink's plug-in, afaik. It is part of the Winamp implementation which doesn't support embedding. I think it is for transferring an image from the clipboard to a folder as an external file. But, that does not work for me either.

Strange, i just tried the "paste artwork" button and it saved it embedded the artwork normally, then i tried it once more with the other paste option (well, since it was greyed out at first i had to paste in a dummy pic then add the real artwork) and it still saved, are you sure you have in the plugin's options to embed by default? I remember at first i had to change it from its default setting (it used to write "nocover" or something like that in the section above where its written "paste artwork" that basically did the exact opposite of what i wanted it to do )

Here are what its options are like and what i have as default (highlighted in blue)

Originally Posted by Aminifu View Post
To use thinktink's plug-in, you need to download the image to a folder, then use the "Load Artwork..." button to navigate to the folder and select the image. Then it will show up in the dialog and be embedded when you click the "Paste" button on the right side. You can use a jpg, bmp, gif, or png image format, jpg is the default.
Im really hoping its more of a bug than having to use this work around :L saving the album art first makes it take an extra step longer and for when editing several files after each other with different arts, it makes it a bit of a pain... plus theres the pics you saved that you have to delete later >.>
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