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Originally Posted by ChiggyChiggy View Post
In my earlier thread i noticed most of my files that didnt display their tag fields in Windows Exploere were all the ones i added artwork to manually using this plugin, ...
Something else I have not seen. All my files use both ID3v2.3 and v1.1 tags and the v2.3 tags show in Explorer whether I've used this plug-in to embed art in them or not.

Do you know if the files in question had v2.4 tags to start with? Version 2.4 tags may be why the embed does not work the first time. The <Alt+3> editor will update tags (even when nothing is changed) when the OK button is clicked. It will read proper v2.4 tags, but only write v2.3 and/or v1.1, as selected. You could be ending up with all 3 versions in your files causing Explorer to ignore both v2.x versions.

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