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i've a feeling (can't check as am logging off for the weekend now), but that was the reason why embedding wasn't probably enabled i.e. it needs a tag to begin with before it'll work.

i'll have to schedule some time in the coming week to look into it all.

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Why do you want to take my fame away from me...
because this feature needs to be done natively (along with sorting out any other quirks as seems to be the case i.e. not working without an existing tag) and was on the 5.66x todo list but time just ran out.

and it's not like i've not nuked a number of my own plug-ins with native implementations, so it's not personal. plus the fact that it generally works with your solution shows that most of the underlying aspects are sound for being used publically for a 6.x iteration.

anyway, you've got the opus plug-in to keep you with fame.
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