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Originally Posted by ChiggyChiggy View Post
I dont mean to derail the topic here but, by any chance is embedding album art in any way using the "edit metadata for selection" option in the context menu planned alongside native embedding artwork in the other single file tag editor?
I don't understand the question.

For Winamp v5.666 build 3516:

The <Shift+E> "Edit Item Metadata" editor does not support any kind of artwork handling (embedded or external). It does not in previous Winamp versions either.

This editor allows for editing the indicated metadata for a single file or the bulk editing of a group of selected files (e.g. correcting the artist name for all files associated with the artist), in the media library record(s) only or the library record(s) and the file(s) if possible. Thus it allows metadata to be added to the library records of files whose format does not support adding the metadata to the files themselves (e.g. wav files). It can also automatically create file library records if they do not already exist. This is controlled by the "upd_mode=" option in the [Winamp] section of "winamp.ini", "0" allows the record(s) to be created and "1" prevents it.

It you just want to edit tags in a file that is not in the media library or will not be added to the library, it is better to use the <Alt+3> "File Info" editor or a 3rd party tagger. The Winamp <Alt+3> "File Info" editor is the only one that supports artwork handling (thinktink's plug-in is needed for embedding).

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