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Originally Posted by thinktink View Post
The attached is EXPERIMENTAL (but still stable). It asks Winamp for the "artist" tag and if Winamp gives it an empty string, it will then direct Winamp to set the "artist" tag to a single space.
Thank you for this. With all due respect, it seems a solution in search of a problem. If you intend to incorporate this test, I suggest you add something like "Needs an Artist", instead of just a single space.

It does not seem likely that a user would want a file to only contain artwork and if it is seen that no other tags exist, then at least one would be added. I made the mistake by choosing a test file that I had not tagged and opened the editor which was already on the artwork tab from previous use (thus not noticing the file had no tags). On the other hand, I guess it was good that I did this, or this issue may have gone unnoticed for awhile longer.

ChiggyChiggy's original question was why the embedding sometimes didn't work on his first try. I speculated that this happened when his file only had ID3v2.4 tags originally. Do you have a way of testing this?

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