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Originally Posted by DrO View Post
..(though i'm still pushing for some means of going OS native instead of being skinned.... but that's being covered elsewhere).
Never got what you mean by that (not the previous time you mentioned it, not now..), do you mean to use something un-skinned like VLC does? Which would force Winamp to offer a "skinned mode" too.

In such case, and mixing it with what you say about being hard to please everyone.. maybe the best way to look at it is: If everyone will complain whether things are done X, Y or Z, then the real question is "for wich decision would you like to be blamed for?".. then I guess, the answer should be something like "for the one that I/we think is the best decision to do things better"..

So.. I went too far on my thinking.. basically I'm just trying to support why I would go for a new default skin.. looking foward, improve, do things better..

By the way, this kind of decisions aren't subject to some sort of design or marketing division?

PS: Welcome back DrO, it's been a couple of days without you here, were you sick or something?
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