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when i say non-skinned, i mean it looking like a native Windows program instead of as we currently are. now whether that is done via actual native OS drawing or psuedo-skin like mode which makes Winamp look like a native Windows program is a different matter. so yes, i guess something like VLC or foobar2000 or even WMP (since they can offer a bit of skinning, but nothing like the complexity of a modern skin).

it's something i've seen come up a lot over the years and in some respects it'd make Winamp better fit with some of the newer OS styles without the complaints that come from the skinned look not matching with anything else. so it could be another option and would be a 'native skin' as such (if that makes sense).

obviously it wouldn't be something that means removing the existing skinned support (i'd never live it down doing that and i like classic skins too much ), but it's an alternative option to trying to go a true new skin route whilst still offering something new and which has been often requested. though it'd still fall under how to do it (multi-windows vs sui or some sort of hybrid, etc).

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