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Hmmm... my inner designer is in conflict with my practical mind.. TBH I don't like the idea of going native like that (I'm even stranged some users ask for it..), in part it feels like betraying the original spirit of innovation Winamp was known by, but at the same time, other way would feel like going against the trend of responsive design..
I understand the need to avoid some.. skinning decisions.. having a design up-to-date with the current OS look would solve a lot of problems.. but it would only make sense if the skinning engine changes somehow.. (wouldn't that be a pain on the ...?)

Obviously using a pseudo-skin that "looks like a native skin" may not be a good idea IMO, if I understood correctly, that would be the same as having a new default skin but choosing the look of a specific OS.. basically Win Vista / Win7 (Aero style) or Win8 (Metro style), am I right? (which could actually be relatively solved by directing the user to a specific skin whether it is on one OS or the other). And not to mention the need to use WASABI sooner or later.. which would make the "new" "skin" a whole pantomime..

Anyway.. is a hard decision I guess.. it is impossible to please not even "everyone", it's impossible to please MOST!! Finally, my question is, wouldn't that (native look) arise more questions like "where is Bento? / where is Winamp Modern?" / "My Winamp did not load any skin!". What would be "heavier"? That or "I don't like the new skin, I'm switching back to Bento"...

Questions, questions, questions...
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