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Originally Posted by DrO View Post
and it doesn't help that bento functionally is a good skin and could probably do with a colour / minor graphics overhaul instead of going for something from scratch i.e. make it lighter, different scrollbars, more control over the placement of the file info block (along the bottom edge maybe?) or who knows what.
I agree that the current Bento functionally is good (quirks aside). Minor surface changes may help with perceptions; being able to move some of the panels around sounds like a good idea. American car makers succeeded for years with mostly surface changes in their 'new' models.

That still does not address the fact that many/most are hesitant to change defaults. The 'new' default UI needs to try to hit a 'home run'. It needs to look somewhat different, not necessarily be different. A drastic change in the look could also be a 'turn off', imo (unless it makes Winamp appear easier or more 'fun' to use).

There are no easy answers. Cosmetics are important, but for me it's what's 'under the hood' that counts.

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