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My major concern with the Bento SUI is the amount of screen space used when running Winamp with other apps. The Bento SUI and the other apps are constantly blocking each other at inconvenient times.

The ML view needs a large amount of space to view things without a lot of horizontal scrolling. The other panels do not, but since it is a hassle to keep resizing (or moving) the overall SUI manually, I leave it at the size suitable for the ML view.

The cPro2 SUI solves this problem in 2 ways. Double clicking on a tab causes the overall SUI to maximize and return to the previously established size and position with another double click. In addition, the overall SUI can be set to at least 3 different sizes and screen positions and each arrangement saved to a function key. Then the function keys can be used to change the SUI's overall size and position (when the window has the focus). Along with the current minimize ability, this lets me quickly minimize, maximize, or select 1 of 3 intermediate sizes and positions. Adding these 2 features to Bento would greatly increase it's useability, imo.

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