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Originally Posted by DrO View Post
moving things / adding to those 3 buttons is really not a viable option at all as that is specific to a library view and then leads to a very skin specific handling within the library which is not right to do things (especially as it'd only work if you were in a ml_local provided view).
I'm not sure its such a bad idea (b/c I think one only really needs to remove tabs while in ML view) but if you don't like that, how about this:

in the extreme top left corner is the "main menu" button, (mine's burnt orange, with oscilloscope icon). add two buttons like it [sizewise] to the right of it, but to the left of the word "WINAMP"

one controls if the tabs are there or not.

the other completely replaces the "collapse window" button in the extreme bottom right which wastes an entire row[s] of space.

therefore, on my laptop screen, you would recover at least 2 centimeters worth of space.

well worth it imo, and cleaner overall.

Originally Posted by DrO View Post
the only real option is some means of hiding the tabs (most likely via options via the skins's specific settings or via a right-click action like cPro) and / or hiding the area (again able to be done via the skin specific settings or a right-click action or just auto-hiding it).
personally, I'd want a button to always be there to do it / undo it, something similar to what I just described above. its not unlike the "windowshade" button.

I'd also like a button, next to the "Library" button at the bottom of the nav tree, that would hide/reveal the entire search row, including the 3 button area and the clear search button. again, that would reclaim a lot of space and be far cleaner for the 90% of the time I don't need it. an easy on/off UI for the user.

just my ideas DrO, I hope they are worthy.

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