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And why do you always seem to become kind of angry if someone asks for a certain feature? What is the point in developing a new version if actually everything stays as it has always been? If the new Winamp is not any different I can simply use the current one. I'm a longtime supporter of Winamp, I bought a liftetime license of Winamp pro, I have always defended it. When there was all that talk about the end of Winamp I always mentioned that it was sad to see the best music player for Windows go. But apparently you are not willing to improve Winamp at all.

Concerning the existing ASIO plugins sadly they are all outdated and do not work properly. I have tried them all and the plugin discussed in this thread is the only one that actually works (well at least until tomorrow). And it is a fact that ASIO is the one and only high quality output under Windows. So it would really suit Winamp (which has actually become a niche product too) to support it since Winamp users are enthusiasts, "ordinary" users stick with Windows Media Player or Itunes.

Don't get me wrong, I appreciate that you intend to continue development for Winamp. But at the moment it seems as Winamp is going to become just another redundant player which can easily replaced by any other player out there. Just my two cents, everybody is free to think differently.
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