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as far as I know, winamp is down to one dev, DrO. when the sale happened, the new owners have their own priorities, which is normal. I too have wailed and bemoaned over the lack of this or that feature, and no one, I think, would suggest that it wouldn't be better if winamp had this or that, (generally speaking), but the problem is that the new owners need their needs met first, and there is precious little time / money / resources for things which are niche and/or outside those priorities.

the good news is that winamp does accept 3rd party plugins, and so there is a chance to enhance winamp outside of its core development. that's a lot more than most software allows. yes, it would be nice to see these things natively, but they are niche and they aren't the priority.

maybe you can find some devs who did or do make output plugins to do ASIO or WASAPI ones, or make their code open source, so someone else can work on it?

one thing I would like to see, which I think would really turn the tide and help incentivize and monetize plugin development, is a "winamp store" where users could buy in-app improvements from winamp or 3rd party devs and extend the core free features of winamp. that seems really fair to me. of course, that's a tall order, and it would need to be clear that the upfront investment would eventually pay off. the store could sell music and software too of course, not just plugins, so kinda ripping off the iTunes model, but hey, its successful, so why not?

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