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Originally Posted by Cool Barn View Post
if we're dealing with milliseconds - what difference does latency really matter?
As far as I can see latency really matters for musicians who monitor their music while e.g. recording. That's not the case while playing music with Winamp and you're right it doesn't really matter.

Each audio interface (DirectSound, ASIO ...) introduces some latency due to buffers. It's in their very nature because they need to decouple input from output via buffers. Latency is the time the audio needs to "flow" through the buffers and it's good style to reduce the buffer size to a minimum (ideally to zero) just enough to "buffer away" fluctuations from writing the input and reading the output.

A buffer should e.g avoid a situation where the output needs to read and there's no input available. In such a situation you would here pops and glitches.

If there where no fluctuations we would hardly need any buffers at all.
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