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Originally Posted by djnforce9 View Post
EDIT: It seems many of my MP3 files have this same issue and when I play chip tunes such as .nsf files (uses Notso Fatso's NSF plugin), Winamp freezes after I stop playback or change songs; this never happened with the previous version of your plugin.
I've changed one thing with 0.9.0 which potentially may interfere with other plugins. In the "Out_Module" structure of the WA SDK you have to provide a module id. In the old versions I've not changed the module id from WA's example "out_null", i.e. 65. On the module id WA/Nullsoft comments
PHP Code:
each input module gets its ownnon-nullsoft modules should be >= 65536. 
For the new versions of the plugin I've provided completely random ids:
PHP Code:
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