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"It's not as easily accesable as VC was, feels like a lot harder to get into than VC was, maybe this is because they have made the game SOOOOO much bigger than VC."

I cant say that worries me too much, bigger is better and I derive most of my fun from just dossing around as well as doing the missions.

"...the graphics, while excellent, certainly suffer more from draw distance problems..."

Grrrr... my number one gripe with VC was that they didnt improve the draw distance for the PC version. Being able to stand in the road and watch a car dissapear 50 metres away can RUIN the sense of realism. Plus there is no excuse on a modern system (esp. a PC) where there is plenty of memory to store the active world data. I'll be very annoyed if this is still the case in SA.

"the lighting effects, while great, make the game swerve from easy to view, to hard to make out what's going on."

I think this will be less of a problem with the higher refresh rates and better resolution of a PC. Personally I found the PS2 version of VC was a bit blurry and indistinct after playing the PC version.

"Sound wise, again , great soundtrack, maybe too much soundtrack , the voice work is seriously comprimised, seems like they have compressed and compressed to get more on the disc, imagine having all your 320kbps MP3's suddenly change to 56kbps mp3's, it sounds fuzzy and hard to make out, and no, I'm not playing it on some crappy mono 14inch colour tv, this is on my 32inch hi-def plasma with 5:1 surround."

Yea I heard the music isnt as good as VC, but I think thats a relatively small issue.

"It's still got lots of bugs, only this evening I got stuck in a pavement."

Bugs are annoying... hopefully they will be ironed out for the PC version.

"And while I'm bitching, controls seem a little more clunky than before, they are supposedly improved for more acuracy, but I don't believe it , you can be aiming your gun at something, gently tapping the stick to line it up when BAM, you flip in a full 360 and are facing the otherway."

Again, keyboard and mouse = finer control of the character, so I think that will be less of an issue on the PC version.

Well, I see your point(s)... but really many of those issues sound like they may be fixed with a PC version, which frankly is all I really care about :P

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