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Happened on #Finnish-Flash

<WotL> welcome back
<Tuggummi> to the channel?
<WotL> errm
<WotL> both I guess
<TomyLobo> no, to avs addiction
<WotL> those are your words
<WotL> not mine
<Tuggummi> bah
<TomyLobo> Tuggummi != TomyLobo
<TomyLobo> ^^
<TomyLobo> @wotl
<Tuggummi> one preset won't get me hooked... It's like with smokes, you hafta smoke a whole pack of it
<TomyLobo> you sounded like you mixed that up
<WotL> eh?
<WotL> I say he's back to AVSing (and, yes, the channel too) but I didn't say he's an addict
<Jaak> well
<Jaak> id say he isnt back, but is an addict
<WotL> AVS wise then
<Jaak> aren't you tugg
<Tuggummi> screw you guys, im going to the kitchen. >>
<Tuggummi> for some hot choco =^_____^=
<WotL> chocoaddict
<WotL> i'll take my words back then

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