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=>Visualisation plugins
These are not responsable, because I'm not using them since some time now ^^ (visualisation off at start)

=>for restart where i was before quit (song playing, automatically start playing, ...)

gen_wa5samurizeinfo.dll, WinAmpSamurize.dll
=>didn't know there were installed ; it's because i'm using 'samurize' ; I'm not using the data provided by theses plugins into my samurize client. But maybe there is a check.

=> why "eek!" ?
maybe, cause it wasn't correctly saving the directory where to save files, it was always reseted to : C:\Users\Public\Music\....

Well as you said could be a 3rd-party issue but i did not update those plugins and i didn't have the uac popup before.
So ... it might be gen_resumerfr.dll, gen_sripper.dll or samurize ; but i don't think.

The thing is ... I can reproduce the 'bug' !
The UAC popup dosn't appears anymore (at winamp start), whatever config I'm trying :-(
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