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I've been using the old version along with the latest sc_trans version, however I decided to upgrade to this version, however I fond out that one important option is missing - the "Sleep" setting

Taken from previous version:
; Sleep defines the granularity of the client threads for sending data.
; DNAS 1.7.0, per client thread, will send up to 1,024 bytes of data
; per socket (or less depending on the window available), and then
; sleep for the provided duration before repeating the whole process.
; Note that making this value smaller will vastly increase CPU usage on
; your machine. Increasing reduces CPU, but increasing this value too far
; will cause skips. The value which seems most optimal for 128kbps
; streaming is 833 (833 microseconds per client poll) on our test labs.
; We wouldn't recommend setting it any lower than 100, or any higher than
; 1,024. If you have a slower machine, set this number lower to fix
; skips.
; Default value is 833.

Is there any way to set this value in the new version?


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