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narrowing it down even further...

Like tedshaw, I found that deleting my profile fixed the problem. However, I wanted to figure out exactly what the problem was. By process of elimination, I narrowed it down to the winamp.ini file, then down to a specific line in the win.ini file.

In the [Winamp] section, look for the line like this

config_extlist = APE:APL:CDA:FLAC:MP3:NSA:OGG:wav:WMA:WV:M3U

Yours might be slightly different. However, if you see NSA in there, delete it. That fixed it for me. Anyway, if that doesn't fix it for you, just delete the entire line, start up WinAmp, and then go into the preferences and reselect the File Types you want associated.

I think the problem with the UAC prompt occurs if you have an extension listed in the above list and you no longer have the plugin for it. Maybe. Just guessing.

Good luck!
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