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Version 0.9.11 released

After a long silence a new update to NSISDialogDesigner is finally available.

The most important added feature is the support to DU (Dialog Units) when generating NSIS scripts. In fact DU is now the default choice; you can revert to pixels through Tools | Options dialog.
Definition files (*.nsddef) files were not affected by the change, XML will always contain pixel units.

Originally Posted by sethradio View Post
You should add file/directory select features to it.
Here you are...

v.0.9.11 - 2012-02-11
  • NEW: NSIS scripts (*.nsdinc files) controls position and size values can now be selected between DU (Dialog units, the new default mode) and Pixels.
    The default coordinate system mode can be set into Options dialog.
  • NEW: Added 2 new controls: DirRequest and FileRequest.
NSISDialogDesigner is available here:
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