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Hey guys, sorry for the absence. My video card died on me (ATI 4890 HD, never again). But I am now the proud owner of an nVidia Gtx 460.

I see you've started to look at ways to possibly do IFS with MD. Very cool!

In the meantime, I've began looking at the source code from Dr. Orion Lawlor's GPU IFS renderer. I've also been in contact with him, pointed him to this thread and hope to discuss things further. The code is pretty much in a prototype stage that is tightly coupled to the GUI. My aim is to first split it out into a library that other projects can link to, and from there figure out how to add to it.

Personally, here is how I see things:

Although the Flam3 algorithm was developed quite some time ago, it has never been able to be rendered in real-time on affordable hardware until now. The only example I know of that does it, is Dr. Lawlor's. So this seems like a unique opportunity for starting something that could end up having a large impact on future visualization software. (Correct me if I'm wrong on those assumptions). For those reasons, I think it is worth spending my scarce spare time on to see how far we can take it. Perhaps even put it on an open source repository some day if all goes well, but we'll have to wait and see.

That's all I've got for now. Good luck on future presets and thanks for the replies.
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