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the 'online services' root is not working as part of what's noted in i.e. it's all related to the sale of Winamp.

(note: the following assumes that you're using v5.666 build 3516)

though there's nothing stopping you manually adding the 'SHOUTcast Radio' service (if it wasn't automatically added on install for you) by right-clicking on 'Online Services' and going to 'Service Management' -> 'New' and entering as the service url (along with how you want to name it, etc) and saving and that gets the search mode working.

and as an additional note, as long as the links to the stream(s) were still valid then they will work irrespective of not having access to the view (as seems to be the case for you) as it's just the discovery aspect which is not setup correctly. and i'd hope that the new owners will get such things sorted out in the coming weeks...
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