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it's not going to help when it's a crash in an input plug-in. if anything not having a modern skin loaded makes it easier to debug issues as there's generally less to work through on the code stack. so there is no point to re-install things which are going to hinder rather than help in this scenario (so running a small classic skin setup is actually preferred from my view point of trying to debug such an issue).

and yes running in safe mode will be of use (to rule out the out_asio aspect) and i only listed the non-Winamp parts as i'm only aware of one of them (Allsnap which i personally use).

but unless those other ones are doing something really bad, it's unlikely they are related and is most likely something with how in_mp3 is handling the files. which might be down to the OS being used and hence why it's more beneficial to have an example file when it's giving a consistent crash in the same part of in_mp3 across different files as what i'm seeing in the crash report s just not right (and ironically it might be something with the POPM field handling which you're going to probably badger on about now i've mentioned it).
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