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"@Anyone in the US
If you are reading this thread and the SHOUTcast search page works for you within Winamp, it would be nice to hear from you. "

I'm in the States. And within Winamp, I can conduct a search (via Online Services, not Shoutcast per se since I migrated PCs recently, and that subscription wasn't offered .. and the directions above for adding it manually didn't work for me as I'm in 563) and get results. But not into the older format with buttons to launch it, or the bookmark icons. So I can't select any of the results.

I'm also having issues using the browser listings where stations appear as being available for listening, but copying the link locations into winamp play url isn't working in a fair number of cases (1 in 5?). So I'm here trying to figure out how to add stations to my existing winamp media library (or update the URL in many cases) so that they work. Eg, I can listen to ambient straight off the browser, but the URL for it won't play in winamp. I get 'Service Unavailable.' ??? [NB -- while that operation DOES work in many cases, by no means all.] ).
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